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THE TEMPLE OF GOKOT-2JTXTH.                                          ^^
sufficient to remove It from sight.   It may be toped that the marFdlous
fact reconciles the credulous pilgrim to the insignificant appearance presented
by the object of Ms adoration. It is accounted so holy that not a particle
of the stone is allowed to J>e taken for any building purpose ; and even the road
which crosses it at its lowest point, where only a few fragments of the rock
crop up above the ground, had to be carried orer them by a paved causeway.
The ridge attains its greatest elevation towards the south between the vil-
lages of Jatipura and Anyor. Here, on the submit, was an ancient temple
founded in the year 1520 A. D., by the famous TalkbMchirya of Goknl, and
dedicated to Srf-n&tb. la anticipation of one of Asraegsseb's raids, the image
of the god was removed to Nafhdwarain Udaypur territory, and has remained
there ever si:-ee. Yhe lemple on the Gin-raj was thus allowed to fall into ruin,
and the wide walled enclosure now exhibits only long lines of foundations and
steep flights of sseps, with a small, imtenanted, and <qnite modem shine. The
plateau, however, commands a very extensive view of the neighbouring coun-
try* both on the llathura and the Bharatpur side, with the fort of Big and ih
heights of Xand-ganw and Bars&na in the distance.
At the foot of the hill on one side is the little village of Jatipura witii
several temples, of which one, dedicated to G-okai-Eathj though a very mean
building in appearance, has   considerable   local celebrity.   Its head is the
Gosam of the temple with, the same title at Gokul, and It is the annual scene
of two religions solemnities, both celebrated on the day after ihe Dip-dan at
Gobardhan.   The first is ihe adoration of the sacred Mil, called the Giri-rfij
Pu'is and the second the Anna-kiit3 or commemoiatioa of Krishna's sacrifice.
They axe always accompanied "by the renewal of a long-standing dispute be-
tween the priests of the two rival temples of Sri-nath and Goknl-nath, the one
of whom supplies the god3 the other his shrine.   Tha Image of Gokul-naih, the
traditional object of veneration, is brought over for the occasion from Gokolj
and throughout the festival is kept in the Gokul-isath temple on. the hill, except
for a few hours n the morning after the Diwali, when it is exposed for worship
on a separate pavilion.   This building is ihe propeiiy of Giridhati Ji? the Sri-nath
Gosain, "who inTarkbly protests against the intrusion.   Party-feeliBg mas so
hiffh that It is generally found desirable a little before the anniYerswry to tak
heavy security from the principals on either side that there shall  be  no
breach of ihe peace*   The relationship between the Crosains is explained by ihe
foifowiEg table a